Hey Mommy! You Can Be Financially Independent Sitting At Home Too!!!

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Disclaimer : This blog is not sponsored and the websites/ opportunities listed here have been out of online research. PLEASE DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY ON ANY OPPORTUNITY WITHOUT DOING RESEARCH. I am not an expert and these are based on personal experience. Please exercise your wisdom!

Remember the story of the bird in a gold cage? Don’t we all feel the same at times?

Motherhood is a bliss, we all love our kids, however there are days when we miss our financial independence a lot.

Sarita was sailing in the same boat. She was smart, educated, capable but had a toddler to look after without much help. She had quit her job long back and was missing the message of ‘Salary credit’ every month. Even after being a doting loving mother there was something seriously missing in her own life,… her identity & financial independence.

There are many Sarita’s among us, women who can be probably be excellent employees, amazing entrepreneurs but the family responsibilities hinders their career.

Lets look at options which can give ‘us’ financial independence without a regular 9-5 job:

1. Home Tuition : At the comfort of your house you can begin a tuition center. Just taking out a print out and placing it at the main gate/ apartment notice board (with prior permission) can fetch you few students. Parents look for reliable & sincere tutors. Begin with a lower monthly fee than competitors and increase the fee as the word spreads! You can take students of the age you are comfortable with. The time to be devoted is approximately 2 hours everyday. You can keep weekends off!

2. Distributor : Oriflame, Vestige , Tupperware, Amway are few options that can help you earn a decent amount if you have strong interpersonal skills & a good social circle. This can let you work in the comfort of your house. You can use whatsapp groups, facebook & other social media handles to increase sales!

3. Guest Faculty : Even if you cannot work full time in a school/college you can become a guest faculty. A guest faculty can take 2/3 classes in a week and devotes limited time accordingly. You can speak to few colleges near your house and see what works for you.

4. Blogger/ Content writer: If you have a flair for writing you can become a blogger/ content writer. Initially you might not be able to earn much but gradually the income starts flowing in. This is one work where you are the manager of your time.

5. Re-seller : With the increasing number of social media sellers you can become a re-seller and create your own seller page. This would not require too much of an investment. All you need is a tie up with a courier person who can come to collect the order and deliver it on behalf of you. Another option is to tie up with a seller who will dispatch the product on behalf of you. Ensure you take payment before dispatching the product & lay return guidelines on your page.

6. Yoga tutor/ fitness coach : If you are into fitness you can start taking yoga/fitness classes in a nearby park everyday/ weekends. All you have to do is set a fixed time & initiate a fitness class everyday.You can keep it free of cost in the beginning and start charging fees gradually.

7. Library/toy Library for kids: You can buy few used few new books and start a small books library /  toy library for kids. The timing can be 2 hours in the evening…eg. 4-6 PM.

8. Daycare: If you have decent space and capacity to invest some amount you can start a daycare for kids. However this work requires a lot of love and passion to take care of young kids. Hire a nanny from a trustworthy source and get her police verification done. Investment is required to buy few toys, cots/ mattress/ CCTV installation. Tie up with few preschools operating near you. They will be happy to send kids for a small commission.

9. Home baker : If you are a great baker, its time to put your skills at test. Make & share samples with local bakeries, make your facebook page & start taking orders for kitty parties and birthdays!

10. Online tutoring : in case you do not wish to call students home, you can opt for online coaching. The timing required is generally from 4-8 PM. If this time suits you, you can start taking online tuition with the subject you are comfortable in.

11. Activity classes for kids : With the increasing number of working parents you can begin evening activity classes/ weekend activity classes. this could be in the form of Summer camps/ regular classes. Few activities that can be included are –

  • Dance
  • Non fire cooking
  • Origami/craft
  • Story telling

12. Boutique/ beauty parlor: You can begin with a small setup at home and progress as you start getting more orders. However you need to be clear with the working hours in both the cases as these are fairly demanding options.

These are few options wherein you can start working & earning from your home.

I can share more options as well! Do comment below if you want me to share more options. You can also drop a comment if you want me to write a blog on any other topic.

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