The voice of a weeping womb!

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Yesterday I was speaking to a friend who is devoid of the bliss called motherhood. It is probably the most painful emotion a woman goes through.

For many of us getting a monthly period after bearing kids is a bliss but for many it is not!

I have tried to pen down my thought on the same. I hope it touches you like it touched me!


I feel the emptiness in my nest

I cannot stop feeling it, even though I detest!

Month after month one line on that ‘test’

The aching heart that waits to ‘fest’!


The aches ,the pain, they make me cringe

The guilt I go through no words can bring

The questioning eyes, the pitiful words

Others around me are ‘probably‘ more stressed


I see a woman going for ‘abortion

I cannot help but judge her ‘decision


Yes my womb pains, aches and cramps

Every 28 days it reminds me of what I lack


The ‘woman’ in me is so incomplete

No words can ever with this feeling compete

The highs and lows of hormonal imbalance

The mental trauma and turmoil that follows!


At every social gathering I go

I can feel the looks

That eyes around me show.

I cannot help but weep with my womb


IVF, Test tube are the options to which I surrendered

Only to be failed each time they are adventured.


The marital vows are getting weaker

I wish this love was slither

I need him now, I crave for some love

Only to be duped , dumped and tortured.


I call it a day & walk free of the marriage

I set myself free, yes I admit, I am not a mother

My womb weeps, cries aches out of pain

It weeps blood not water!


Walking the dark lane I come across a beggar

Naked , shivering she lied in the gutter

Dainty, shabby, torn clothes she wore


A tiny baby she pushes and throws

The umbilical cord is cut by another

One quick look at the genitals

She is shunned by her father

Loaded on a cart they leave the ‘site’


I see her dark face, traces of her weeping womb on the floor

Her womb weeps too like me

It weeps blood not water!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shakuntala VYAS says:

    Very nice
    Thanks dear.
    God bless you


    1. Thank you for appreciating!


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