An Incomplete Woman…A short story!

adult bar cook cooking
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25 year old Simran was happy with the way her life was progressing. After completing her MBA she got the placement of her dreams with a leading multinational bank. She deserved it. It was not easy for her to get into the leading MBA college of the country. She had slogged hard for it.

She was the apple of her parents eye. Extremely broad minded ,her parents had raised both, their son & daughter equally. Samraj, her brother was equally intelligent and efficient. He had a flair for cooking and used it as a stress buster. While Simran hated entering the kitchen and even after  a lot of coaxing from her parents did not manage to make anything more than tea and Maggi. Her parents were of the view that everyone must know how to cook, to feed themselves be it a boy or a girl!

As Simran turned 27, it was ‘the time’ to get married as per her relatives. Her parents were searching for a good groom for her. Their search ended on Akash, an intelligent, sober teetotaler working with a US based firm in Mumbai. The families exchanged pleasantries online and decided to let the kids meet first. After several meetings, Akash and Simran came close to each other, they had been MBA batch-mates which came as a surprise during one of their long conversations.

Their families had decided to let them meet several times before the families would sit and decide the further course of action. After all both of them were mature individuals who had a mind of their own. Their consent would come after the kids.

The D day for the meeting between families were fixed. Simran greeted Akash’s family with a smile. Even after a lot of insistence from her close relatives present on that day, she decided to remain simple, sans makeup, like she always did. She did not want to give any fake illusion to her future in-laws.

Akash’s parents appeared friendly and open-minded just like her parents did. Suddenly, the most unexpected question sprung up, “Beta, do you know how to cook?”

Bang! Simran’s dreams came shattering as she said, “I can cook basic but I don’t like cooking!” There was pin drop silence in the room. Suddenly Akash’s mom lost her smile and she said, “Are you joking! Women are called annapurna. If you don’t like cooking how will you feed my son? A woman who doesn’t cook is an incomplete woman. I don’t think Akash would appreciate a wife who doesn’t enjoy cooking!”

She looked at Akash expecting him to get up in a filmi style. Akash stood up and said, “Maa, I know Simran is not fond of cooking, but that’s OK with me! Like me, Simran too has put her heart and soul in her education & career. Not having a flair for cooking does not make her a lesser woman! I love her honesty and together we will ensure we never starve!” he smiled sheepishly as he said the last line.

Simran looked at Akash and smiled. She knew she had got a partner who understands her and appreciates her as a complete woman rather than just her culinary skills.!

The entire family laughed at this and Akash’s mom said, “Jab miya biwi raazi to kya karega kaazi”.

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