Arre bahu….what will your father in law think???

Sumedha was a newly wed. She was married to Rohit, a well educated teetotaler. The only vice in their marriage was Rohit’s workaholic-ism. Rohit left for work early only to return late at night. He had recently set up his business and had to give his 200% to make it stable.

Sumedha’s new family was a small family of four. Her in laws, she and Rohit. Everyone looked well behaved and cordial.

It had been almost a week since Sumedha had been married. Last night Rohit spared some time to be with her. They had gone out for dinner and returned late at night after eating ice cream. Sumedha got a little late in getting up in the morning. The moment she stepped out her mother in law started speaking “Sumedha, is this the time to get up? What will your father in law think?” she went out continuing her daily mantra chanting.

Days passed by. Sumedha ensured she did not hurt anyone’s feeling. One day Sumedha & Rohit had to go to a party. It was Rohit’s delegates party. Sumedha ensured she dressed up well, after all it was their first party after her marriage. She wore a beautiful black net saree and matching sleeveless blouse. The moment she came out of her room her mother in law almost blasted “Sumedha, what are you wearing, go and change, what will your father in law think after seeing you in sleeveless blouse?”

Sumedha was embarrassed, she tried covering her bare arms.”No No, go and change, covering arms wont do any good in this sheer saree.” Sumedha changed.

By now Sumedha was almost petrified of her father in law. Her mother in law kept taking her father in law’s name in everything.

It was not that Sumedha did not like her father in law. He came across as a very affectionate person, but she knew from her mother in law that he was a very strict person. One day her mother in law had told her that her father in law did not like talking with females much. Since that day Sumedha had kept herself away from him as much as possible.

Months passed by. It was Sumedha’s birthday. She wanted to resume working. Considering her birthday gift as an excuse she politely asked her mother in law if she could start working.

“What! I have never worked out of house. You father in law does not like woman of the house going out to earn. Forget about it Sumedha”, this sounded like the end of her career.

Sumedha never shared these things with her husband mainly because her husband was always busy and whatever time she got, she did not want to spoil it in cribbing.

It was almost 7 in the evening. Sumedha was badly missing her parents who were in another city. Just as she returned home with her mother in law after buying vegetables, she was pleasantly surprised!

The house was beautifully decorated with her childhood photographs and balloons. Before she could react, her parents stepped in with her father in law singing the birthday song! She had tears in her eyes. Out of happiness she hugged her mother in law, who looked equally surprised.

There on the table lay a beautiful birthday cake of her favourite flavour. She was thrilled! Just then her father in law handed her a big box & an envelop. Rohit was looking at her with a smile.

She opened the box first. It had a beautiful business suit! Before she could say anything, Rohit came and said , “Dad has chosen this specially for you, after all my marketing manager should be formally dressed for meetings.”

“What, aji why did you buy this, what will people say if our bahu wears pant bushirt?” Rohits mom looked annoyed.

“Have I ever bothered about people? Haven’t I always given you the freedom to decide what you want to do? Staying at home was your decision which I respected. Aarti, time has changed, stop being so rigid! Let the kids live their life on their own.Can’t you see Rohit is always so busy, he will get a reliable employee and Sumedha will get a chance to be around ROhit!” Sumedha was shocked on hearing this from her father in law.

He looked at Sumedha lovingly and lovingly patted her head.

All this while she had thought of her father in law as a very strict and rude man, only to break myths today, It was her birthday. This was truly her new birth in her new house!

Dear Readers

Have you ever faced something similar? Don’t you think we create images of people in our mind as heard from others. It is so convenient to take someone else’s name and dominate. Isn’t it?

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