Go Momma…Go And Steal The ME Time NOW And Become Happier!!!

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Scene 1:

“Phew” Sujata, almost fell on the sofa seat. She had a terrible headache. It had been a long day at work today.

2 year old Raghav came running to his momma.”Mumma, mumma” Raghav hugged Sujata. Sujata was too tired to reciprocate the affection. She just gave him a peck on his cheeks and cuddled on the sofa with him.

Sujata was a working woman , she worked for a bank and year ends were extremely taxing & demanding. Her mother in law took good care of Raghav until she returned. Once back, it was completely on her to take care of the responsibilities . She also understood the help her mother in law extended and wanted to give her rest once she was back. She had everything, a happy family, helpers to share the workload, a supportive husband and Raghav, the apple of everyone’s eye.

Still, she was somewhere unhappy. Her day started at 5 in the morning, she cooked, prepared lunch, packed lunchbox while her husband got Raghav ready for school. She left home at 9 only to return at 7 in the evening. Both Raghav & she were working but Raghav still managed going to the garden everyday after work to play badminton with colony friends.

Jovial Sujata started getting irritated at every small issue.

Scene 2:

“I am hanging up now, got to finish a lot of work Riya.”Kanchan disconnected the call as she looked at the watch.

Riya, her childhood friend had called after years, still Kanchan could not speak to her.It was time for her husband to come back and he liked everything spic & span when he came back from work.

Kanchan was a homemaker. She lived in a flat with her husband & child. Her day started at 6 in the morning and ended at 11 in the night. She got up early, prepared tea & lunch for her son When Satish went for a walk, she got her child Shrey ready for school. Shrey was a 3 year old child. He took time in getting ready for school. After a lot of coaxing Shrey would get ready, just then Kanchan went down to see Shrey off till the school van.

Once home she laid breakfast for her husband , prepared his lunch. When Satish left for work, she re arranged the house which was already in a mess, washed clothes in the machine , cleaned the house & ensured she got ready timely to go down and pick Shrey who came home in 2.5 hours form preschool.

Once Shrey was home, she ensured he was well fed and taken care of. Shrey did not sleep in the noon and ensured that even Kanchan did not! In the evening she would take Shrey to the society garden. There also she was always standing near Shrey as she knew he was a very naughty child. She could barely interact with anyone.

By the time she returned from the garden it was time to prepare dinner & put Shrey to sleep.

To any layman her life would appear to be sorted. A small family of 3! If you said this to Kanchan she would be furious. Her husband ensured they did not hire a maid as she had the whole day to herself. Her in laws thought she was a free bird with nothing to do. Really?

Gradually Kanchan started staying irritated  .

Every house has a Sujata & Kanchan. Men & Woman who have everything . Money, comfort, maybe even luxury & time. The only thing they lack is ME’ time.

What is ME time and what is the fuss about it? ME time is the time you have to yourself! It is the time you do something you like & enjoy, it could be cooking, gardening, gossiping on the phone, watching TV, reading ,writing or anything under the sun.

Everyone needs & deserves to do things they like to do. Few things which can help you stay insane & help you find the ‘ME’ time.

1. Plan your day: Sometimes, planning your day is all you require to save some time. Write down your daily routine & see where you can find some time for yourself. You will amazed to see the kind of difference it creates!

2. Socialize : Like Kanchan, there are many woman who become so occupied in their day to day work that they stop talking to others. It is important to socialize. Even if you are going to the garden you can catch up with colony friends. Talk over the phone, gossip, meet people. Socializing is a key to being updated & happy, unless you do not like socializing.

3.Seek support : We all love being independent. We do not retaliate when homemakers are taken as the ‘set of people with nothing to do’. Until you speak about yourself no one else will. Talk to your partner and let him know you need some time to yourself. Even if it means half an hour after he returns from work. After seeing a happier you, I am sure your partner would not mind it much (wink wink).

4. Develop a hobby : It is important to have a hobby. Small things like gardening, colouring can rejuvenate you in a short span of time. Develop a hobby & pursue it whenever you can.You also have the option of converting your hobby to profession.

5.Share the load: Yes, you read it right. The house belongs to everyone. Divide the household chores. Small things like keeping the filled bottle in the refrigerator, wiping the table, arranging utensils, dusting can be done by children. Works like paying electricity bill , water bill, banking, payment of fee can be done online. You can also give certain responsibilities like chopping vegetables, folding clothes to elders in the family. Few chores can be done with your husband too!

6.Spend on recreation: Weekly/monthly fix up a recreational activity like picnic, going for a movie, dinner with family. Sometimes instead of making a big change small changes lead to a bigger happiness. Spend a little on recreational activities.

7. Annual vacations: A vacation not only rejuvenates you, it is even a great experience. An annual vacation is a must. Depending on the availability of time & budget zero down on a location.

Dear Readers

These few points if taken care of can go a long way in leading to a happier you. I am sure your would like to share few tips as well. Mention the small things you do to ‘steal’ your ME time in the comment section. I would love to hear them!!!

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