Wow ! The best baby brand just got better!!!


“Mumma, I have been looking for you in the entire house and you are having coffee in the balcony, take this, your phone is ringing!”Atharv’s words embarrassed me.Truth was I was hiding from my boys in the urge of completing the book I was not able to complete reading for past 6 months. It was Sunday, a break from the routine life. My usual days are action packed, kids, their school, my Preschool, home, blogging etc (the etc’s are endless). On Sundays, my kids sleep longer than usual so I thought of finish reading the book while sipping my new love…filter coffee! It was Meenakshi from Momspresso on the phone. I knew there was something exciting lined up and guess what! It was! Johnson & Johnson was launching its new range of products and we were invited by them to see the new products, experience them & bombard them with the innumerable, insane questions that we had. Trust me, it is tough! Having so many mommies around, with zillions of questions…not an easy task! It was an instant yes, as Johnson & Johnson has been a favourite in the house for decades. Two days later I was at the airport. While waiting in the queue I exchanged smiles with a new mom. While chatting, I mentioned my purpose of visit to Mumbai and she was more than thrilled. “Really!I am so glad we met! My Child was a preemie & the only thing that suited his skin was Johnson & Johnson . Please thank them for making the most brilliant products for our little ones .” She said. “Sure, I will!”I felt a sense of pride as I smiled back. Johnsons is not just a brand, it synonymous with baby care across the globe. Finally I reached Mumbai and was welcomed & transferred to the ITC Maratha, Mumbai. The evening ended with a fun interactive session with the brand, games & lot of networking with fellow mommies. Almost all of us had one question in mind “Johnsons is so good anyway, how can the best come up with something beyond best?” We had to get up early in the morning & called it a day after dinner.

Day : 2

Venue : ITC Maratha

The day started with a lot of discussion amongst mommy bloggers, speculations and Googling.Everyone wanted to know about the new products before others! The wait seemed endless. We could sense a lot of excitement in the air! The launch event started. Without much delay the New Johnson’s baby care products were unveiled. We loved the new handy tear shaped pack, the seal on the bottle which carried Johnson’s trust. Yes! The best baby care brand was pioneering in setting a trend, of gentler, milder products for babies. The 125 years of experience,expertise, the scientific approach, the clinical testings and knowing what’s best for baby was showing up.

The New Johnson’s was

-as mild as pure water

-Paraben,dyes or phthalates free


We even tested & compared its pH level with a herbal shampoo, an adult shampoo & found Johnson’s products to be the mildest of them all. The launch was followed with Question & Answer session. It is worth a mention that the brand never shies away from any question.There were several questions and each was answered patiently & with appropriate scientific backing by Johnson’s. There were emotional moments too! Few moms shared how Johnson’s was the only product they could use when their kids had severe skin issues or their baby’s first bathing experience using Johnson’s. As mums, we want to be doubly sure about the kind of product we use on our munchkins. Finally I too got an answer for my question.

Natural vs scientific products!

Yes, natural is good but only if they are 100% pure,mild, unadulterated and without preservatives. This is nearly impossible! We live in an era where we do not drink something as natural as ‘water’ without boiling/filtering, something as pure as milk without pasteurizing & something as natural as vegetable without the fear of pesticides!!!  I was shocked to know that there are lack of regulations on companies producing natural products! Also, certain chemicals are added to natural/herbal products too, which when written in vernacular term don’t come across to be as alarming as in ENGLISH. At least Johnson & Johnson lists all of its ingredients on its products.

Few things which makes me trust Johnsons as a mom are:

1. Johnsons products are tested with 5.5 Lakh people globally while the minimum number of testers as per regulatory body is only 15.(need to check this )

2.Johnsons baby products go through 4 skin allergy tests.

3.Each product of Johnson & Johnson is clinically tested & proven to be mild.

4.Each ingredient that goes into the bottle is tested for 12 months!

5.The New range of Johnson’s product is free from added paraben, dyes & phthalates.

6.The products are safe to be used on newborns also as they are as mild as water! The day ended & everyone had got their answer! As I was heading back to Jaipur I couldn’t help but smile when I spotted a feeding room at the airport which was maintained by Johnsons. It brought a smile on my face and somewhere in my heart I said to myself proudly “Yes, I am a Johnson’s baby too!”


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