Are You Looking For A Preschool For Your Child?

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-15 at 10.32.21Screaming teachers, crying children, injury marks on body, doesn’t this come to your mind when you read the horror stories of preschools? Off late there have been such horrifying instances pointing fingers at preschools. Are our innocent toddlers safe in an unknown environment? Probably yes! If we are a little vigilant in the selection of the preschool and keep an eye on the tell tale signs of our preschoolers behavior. As a parent we should be cautious though not overly!

Few pointers to take care of while deciding ‘the’ preschool for your child.

1.Look for a trusted brand

Although brands do not provide a guarantee there is a certain screening that goes in giving franchise to a person. This at least ensures there is a head office to listen to.Look for a brand which has a massive presence in your city. This would ensure they understand and have a well developed curriculum catering to regional needs.

2.Ensure the owner is oriented towards the school

Sometimes a school is just one of the businesses of a person. Definitely this gives rise to division of attention. The presence and orientation of a preschool owner gives reassurance of safety. The owners should be completely oriented towards the school and should be present to take the responsibility. The qualification & experience of the owner is also important.

3.Experience & Qualification of teachers:

It is the most important thing. Many schools spend a lot of money in setting up a school but save on good teachers. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the teaching staff is pleasant & qualified.

4.Positive feedback :

Apart from internet /Google/ feedback review which could include relatives feedback it is important to hear about the school from reliable resource. Talk to your neighbours and take their feedback about the school. Better still, speak to the parents of students studying in that school for an honest report.

5.Behavior of the ground staff

Well, maids/ helpers spend considerable time with the children. It is necessary that they are well groomed and child friendly. Meet the ground staff or observe their behavior with kids.

6.CCTV monitored

The school should have a CCTV installed at prominent places so that the incident can  be monitored in case of a mis hap.

7.Watch your child’s’ reaction

The way the child behaves when they come back from school says a lot about their comfort level in the school. Apart from Monday blues and initial teething troubles the child should be happy to go to school.

8.Teaching children to stay safe

Our responsibility as a parent does not end with sending a child to school. It actually begins. We must teach our kids to avoid being in places where they are alone. The children should also be taught about safe and unsafe touch.

9.Trust your intuition

Mothers are naturally blessed with a sixth sense. Trust your instinct when you visit a preschool for your child and it instantly clicks with you.

10.Well developed curriculum

This cannot be substituted!  The curriculum must be catering to the syllabus of grade 1. It should prepare the child for primary school. With the sole focus of activities it becomes difficult for children to cope up with the studies when they pass out from preschool. Hence best would be a preschool which incorporates activities and balances it with appropriate syllabus.

Last but not the least trust your child’s school if not blindly trust them. Sometimes over sheltering the child may lead to building up stories. It is somewhat difficult to handle children at school at times and little disciplining helps the child in ways more than one. However that demarcation between discipline and arrogance should never be crossed by a preschool. Keep an open eye and help your child stay safe! Do not pass on your anxiety and distrust to your children. They deserve to be raised as confident school goers and a good foundation school lays a pavement for the future years of education.


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